Monday, August 23, 2010

Magnetic Monday

'Ello all,

Holy motha-effing bolts of fire. I have not blogged since early June, and the world has not fallen apart? What does this mean?! Is it possible that I am actually not the glue that holds together the viscous membrane of energeia to the inconsistent protoplasm of life? Can we just take five minutes and ponder the implications of that question, and the possible devastation caused by its' verification? My God...

Anywho, so this is blog needs be dedicated to Amy-Poo and Juh-zee-el, just because it is willed by a higher force. And to explain my absence, I will use a mix of shameless bragging and indiscernible lying. This summer I worked for University of Toronto (brap brap, throw a "w" to ma homies, what what) as an adult counselor, and yes. So, I was partying it up with international students, it was 3rd level phantasmagorical. Here's a lick of what it could've tasted like if you were there...

All the beautiful people. But now I am back at home, and it is as depressing as an elephants ass. But fret not, I will entertain you anyway. So, I noticed on one of my students and not to mention extremely lovely/sexy/sassaaaay friend Carmen a pair of flats that were adorable, and I almost spat my esophagus out when I found out that they were made by Crocs. So, I tippy-tappied on the lappy-toppy and found out that Crocs, it appears, has amped up its' game and began making shoes that do not make one want to fork out their eyes and dip them in acid.

The top pair is the one I saw in person, and they look great and are super comfortable. Who would have guessed that these are Crocs? Hell to the no.

So this was not as informative and fashionably-relative as I would have liked it to be, but I wanted to talk about Crocs dammit, and so I friggin' did. And you loved and cherished every word in this entry.

Okay, I gotta go pack for my trip to Barrie, toodles.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come up and see me sometime...

'Ello all,
I haven't blogged for a week (gasp gasp), it's tragic and devastating for the world, believe me I know. So, I decided to do some work... I kid, I don't do work, and if I do, it's an accident.

Do you guys have a style inspiration? Who? I admire a vast number of people, one of the most important of them being Mae West. I respect her, since she is a pioneer in women's rights, she was an early gay rights activist and she was just plain cheeky.

And the woman dressed like a sexy disco coke bottle, all glammed up in diamonds and feathers, it's tear-jerking, really. And check out the figure, it's actually there (OMG)... How many actresses nowadays can confess to carrying more than a pound of fat on their bodies? Ewww, that would just be outrageous, and cause the unraveling of a multitude of events leading to a collapse of the Earth's core into a black hole that would inevitably result in the disintegration of our civilisation and the end of all life, 'cept the roaches. Yes. GO TEAM WEST!

{Source: Clickity }

Toodles peeps.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

That Thursday

'Ello all,

So, have you guys heard of Wardrobe Remix? No? Well, jeez, time to climb out from underneath the rock, and pull that stick out of your ass... I kid, I kid, keep the stick. Well, anywho you uneducated mortals...

Honestly, I think I was hit by the asshole stick today, it might be the weather (it's raining). I mean well, I love you all. So, Wardrobe Remix is a Flickr group, and it's basically a group for people to post up their outfits. As an inscrutable critic of all things, I'd say 20% of the outfits are complete utter crap, another 20% are just crap, 30% are mediocre, another 20% are interesting, and 10% are friggin' gems.

So, I browsed through the posts for the past two days, and these are the ones that caught my attention:

Now, some of them are border-line hipster outfits, which I despise more than being lactose-intolerant. I don't know, I have this whole vendetta with hipster people, you know who I'm talking about... The people who cling to Urban Outfitters like an infant to a breast. Yeah, them. They have that look, with the black tights, shorts, stupid caramel boots, loose tanks, and their feet turned inward like a person with flat feet in rollerskates.

Off topic, I know. So yes, but the ones I featured I like, like, LIKE. They're all different, appealing to different people, some are more mainstream than others, so look and tell me which ones you like best.

The all have their own blogs, if you'd like to check them out:

1st photo (red cardigan): Click Click.
2nd photo (pastel colours): Click Click.
3rd photo (black and white): Click Click.
4th photo (playsuit): Click Click.

Alright, too much rambling, too much text, toodles.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T-T-Trendy Tuesday

'Ello all,
Well, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Friday, crazy stuff. So, I decided to do a little series of Eco-friendly clothing, shoes, bags etc. So, I've been doing a bit o' research on eco clothing, and there are loads of options out there actually. Most of these have online shops, so no need to worry about their location :D.

{Source: Ecoist}
This website has loads of bags, they are mostly made out candy wrappers, or chocolate bar wrappers, pretty cool eh? Since I need a new school bag, I'm actually thinking out of looking into some of these. Online shop available.

{Source: Alchemy Goods}
These are a little less stylish, but I think guys are more likely to be interested in them. And if you're into a progressive look, these would be good. The good thing about these is that they are incredibly sturdy. And I like the seatbelt strap. Online shop available.

{Source: Helen Riegle}
Organic coooottooon. I, seriously and honestly, love that laptop bag, it comes in a variety of colours, but I think it's most striking in pink and green. Awesomeness x a bajillion. Online shop available.

{Source: Kuyichi}
This is more famous than the other companies, specialising in jeans. Unfortunately, no stores in North America, but the European bastards get to enjoy it. So, if you're ever in Europe, go in there :D.

{Source: Not Just Pretty}
I love thiiiiiiis. This shop carries clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, skin care products and a bunch of other junk. It's awesome. Organic, recycled, refurbished, all kinds of eco-friendly clothing and tidbits. There is a physical store in Victoria, BC. But for the rest of us, we can just use the online store, eh?

Okay, well this is it, for now. I will add some more next time, but for now I am tired from looking through all of these. Toodles.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fry-Day Friday

'Ello all,
Well, one more post before the weekend kiddies. OMG, my post title is just amazing, I am on fiiiiiire this week, you just don't see blog titles this tacky anymore, so refreshing, isn't it? So I mentioned earlier that I do not wear heels, because I like my feet, which is true. I think some people's feet are just made out of rock, mine are fragile like your grandmother's crystal animal collection.

But I do own some heels, and since I was bored, I decided to give my feet a glam photoshoot... In front of my door, I am living on the edge people. Oh yeah, yes, yes, I do have freakishly tiny ankles, I really do. That is why I can't wear skinny jeans, or tight boots, it throws off the whole leg proportion.

{Brown pair: Naturalizer, Beige/Yellow: Nine West, Moccasins: Minnetonka}

I just couldn't resist throwing my moccasins in there, they're honestly the greatest shoes, so comfy. Yes'm. Have great weekend everybody, toodles.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

{Source: Saks}

So I went a little bonkers on Saks Fifth online website, who hasn't? Am I right? Am I right? I don't know which I ones I want the most yet... I think Holt Renfrew (SFA Canadian equivalent) should invest a little money into creating an online store as well, a lot money lost there, all I'm saying...

Like my uber creative blog titles? I swear, I may have found my new calling... TITLE MASTER, dun dun dun. Very Impressive, I friggin' know. Toodles childrens.

//EDIT// No friggin' waaaay, so Topshop is going to open a store in Toronto on June 19th, holy @#$%^&*ing flaming monkeys! Apparently, they're knocking down a wall at Jonathan + Olivia's and putting a Topshop in there, can this get any better? First Canadian Topshop, thank the fashion gods that it's going to be in Toronto. So, I'm putting this on my calendar, it's opening at 9AM, and you bet your ass I will be there, armed to the teeth, ready to elbow all the skinny chicks out of my way. Yesss.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


'Ello all,

So it's Wednesday, I'm listening to some uplifting Jack PeƱate, oh yes. Okay, so yesterday I came across a Jake Gyllenhaal portrait, and I think it's the most adorable portrait I have ever seen, he's such a dork, but you know, in an adorable way...

{Source: I think this?}

Precious, I know.
Anywho, Nylon Magazine displayed some tidbits from MiuMiu's Autumn/Winter 2010 accessories collection, and I will say that I'm not a fan of the hangbags, one of them looks like Kermit in latex... It just looks like someone got too excited with a glue gun and just glued all sorts of shit to anything and everything. But I do like the shoes, I don't wear heels myself, I'm 5'7 and a HALF (very important), and I tower over most normies anyway, plus I actually like my feet and I want to keep them. But here are the heeeeeeeeeeeels. The black pair is cute, and perfect for them girly girls who like flowers and pastel colours, you know what I'm talking about?

{Source: Nylon}

And finally, just for pure entertainment value, I want to introduce you to the Jimi Wallet! So, yesterday I'm browsing through Function 13's online store, as all self-respecting people do, and I come across this wallet, and it amused me so much, I am considering buying one for myself.

{Source: Heeeeeere}

This is meant to be the solution for bulky wallets (do you like the pretty Canadian $20 bill in the upper photo?). I think it just looks adorably nerdy, and I feel like I need it in my life. I will obviously go there in person, pssht ordering online is for non-Torontonians... Mwuaha... We should all get one and start a revolution. I'm not sure if they deliver outside of Canada, but if they do, or if you got one, let me know. Alright, well Imma go make meself a fat-ass sandwich. Toodles.