Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slow Tuesday

'Ello all,
Well, it's Tuesday, and it's a slow day for me. But how are you? My mind, as of late, has been occupied with a single object. It is my new love (second to a Soy Vanilla Latte), and I want it so bad... I might have to kill. Dangerous waters I know.

This beauty right here is a Coach shoulder bag, retailing at $768. Honestly, I cannot stop looking at it, summer is here, and this baby needs to be in my hand... Right now. But considering the fact that I am a student, and with my summer job, this would cost me 2 weeks of work (because with tax this bag would end up costing $868), it seems unrealistic. So, if anyone, out of the goodness of their rich heart, wants to buy this gorgeous piece of leathery deliciousness for me, I am down with it. My question is, is there a bag that you have been craving lately? For summer, or just because? 

And today, particularly, thanks to my Twitter sources, I have been envying the talents of Emmanuel Polanco, who, the damn bastard, is incredibly talented, and is amazing at, well, being amazing.

{Source: Fubiz}

I love thiiiiiiiiiiis. He's got many other pieces, some of which are quite different from these in style. But he is amazing, so go love him. Toodles.


  1. Oh my that, bag is lovely...Your illustration is adorable, and that art is great, thanks for sharing, what a great post

  2. oooh that bag is amazing.
    cutest illustration too :)
    loving the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx