Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

{Source: Saks}

So I went a little bonkers on Saks Fifth online website, who hasn't? Am I right? Am I right? I don't know which I ones I want the most yet... I think Holt Renfrew (SFA Canadian equivalent) should invest a little money into creating an online store as well, a lot money lost there, all I'm saying...

Like my uber creative blog titles? I swear, I may have found my new calling... TITLE MASTER, dun dun dun. Very Impressive, I friggin' know. Toodles childrens.

//EDIT// No friggin' waaaay, so Topshop is going to open a store in Toronto on June 19th, holy @#$%^&*ing flaming monkeys! Apparently, they're knocking down a wall at Jonathan + Olivia's and putting a Topshop in there, can this get any better? First Canadian Topshop, thank the fashion gods that it's going to be in Toronto. So, I'm putting this on my calendar, it's opening at 9AM, and you bet your ass I will be there, armed to the teeth, ready to elbow all the skinny chicks out of my way. Yesss.


  1. fantastic shoes...especially the christian louboutin shoes...gorgeous blog

  2. oh god those shoes are gorgeous! i mind chloe


  3. Fack- those LD Tuttles are the shit. I'm following you, follow back?

    XO, Neuter Kalin