Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come up and see me sometime...

'Ello all,
I haven't blogged for a week (gasp gasp), it's tragic and devastating for the world, believe me I know. So, I decided to do some work... I kid, I don't do work, and if I do, it's an accident.

Do you guys have a style inspiration? Who? I admire a vast number of people, one of the most important of them being Mae West. I respect her, since she is a pioneer in women's rights, she was an early gay rights activist and she was just plain cheeky.

And the woman dressed like a sexy disco coke bottle, all glammed up in diamonds and feathers, it's tear-jerking, really. And check out the figure, it's actually there (OMG)... How many actresses nowadays can confess to carrying more than a pound of fat on their bodies? Ewww, that would just be outrageous, and cause the unraveling of a multitude of events leading to a collapse of the Earth's core into a black hole that would inevitably result in the disintegration of our civilisation and the end of all life, 'cept the roaches. Yes. GO TEAM WEST!

{Source: Clickity }

Toodles peeps.


  1. She was an amazing woman, that's for sure!
    I don't have an icon really, I just chose outfit which I like from whoever. :)

  2. Starlets & movie stars aren't what they use to be. glam.

    I heard you like Alexander Wang's Diego bucket bag ;)