Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T-T-Trendy Tuesday

'Ello all,
Well, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Friday, crazy stuff. So, I decided to do a little series of Eco-friendly clothing, shoes, bags etc. So, I've been doing a bit o' research on eco clothing, and there are loads of options out there actually. Most of these have online shops, so no need to worry about their location :D.

{Source: Ecoist}
This website has loads of bags, they are mostly made out candy wrappers, or chocolate bar wrappers, pretty cool eh? Since I need a new school bag, I'm actually thinking out of looking into some of these. Online shop available.

{Source: Alchemy Goods}
These are a little less stylish, but I think guys are more likely to be interested in them. And if you're into a progressive look, these would be good. The good thing about these is that they are incredibly sturdy. And I like the seatbelt strap. Online shop available.

{Source: Helen Riegle}
Organic coooottooon. I, seriously and honestly, love that laptop bag, it comes in a variety of colours, but I think it's most striking in pink and green. Awesomeness x a bajillion. Online shop available.

{Source: Kuyichi}
This is more famous than the other companies, specialising in jeans. Unfortunately, no stores in North America, but the European bastards get to enjoy it. So, if you're ever in Europe, go in there :D.

{Source: Not Just Pretty}
I love thiiiiiiis. This shop carries clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, skin care products and a bunch of other junk. It's awesome. Organic, recycled, refurbished, all kinds of eco-friendly clothing and tidbits. There is a physical store in Victoria, BC. But for the rest of us, we can just use the online store, eh?

Okay, well this is it, for now. I will add some more next time, but for now I am tired from looking through all of these. Toodles.


  1. I love organic cotton :)
    & such nice skirts the blue ones!!

  2. the colour inside...lovely the first bags & pict...gorgeous