Thursday, June 3, 2010

That Thursday

'Ello all,

So, have you guys heard of Wardrobe Remix? No? Well, jeez, time to climb out from underneath the rock, and pull that stick out of your ass... I kid, I kid, keep the stick. Well, anywho you uneducated mortals...

Honestly, I think I was hit by the asshole stick today, it might be the weather (it's raining). I mean well, I love you all. So, Wardrobe Remix is a Flickr group, and it's basically a group for people to post up their outfits. As an inscrutable critic of all things, I'd say 20% of the outfits are complete utter crap, another 20% are just crap, 30% are mediocre, another 20% are interesting, and 10% are friggin' gems.

So, I browsed through the posts for the past two days, and these are the ones that caught my attention:

Now, some of them are border-line hipster outfits, which I despise more than being lactose-intolerant. I don't know, I have this whole vendetta with hipster people, you know who I'm talking about... The people who cling to Urban Outfitters like an infant to a breast. Yeah, them. They have that look, with the black tights, shorts, stupid caramel boots, loose tanks, and their feet turned inward like a person with flat feet in rollerskates.

Off topic, I know. So yes, but the ones I featured I like, like, LIKE. They're all different, appealing to different people, some are more mainstream than others, so look and tell me which ones you like best.

The all have their own blogs, if you'd like to check them out:

1st photo (red cardigan): Click Click.
2nd photo (pastel colours): Click Click.
3rd photo (black and white): Click Click.
4th photo (playsuit): Click Click.

Alright, too much rambling, too much text, toodles.


  1. Your honesty is refreshing!! I'm one of those hipster people you hate because I LOVE urbanoutfitters! I love the girl who's wearing the heart top, that was cute! xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh, I love that outfit on the second picture, with the white lacy dress... Amazing!

  3. hi, I'm the girl with black'n ' white outfit:) thank you for linking me and I'm happy you liked it:)

  4. hahaha lovee the rant abt hipsters!! haha. But yes these are quite different, I esp like the first one on the left.

  5. Hello! I love that Wardrobe Remix is the root of many stylish people (always a joy when you find a gem :D)

  6. Great post, and you I love your picks, love your blog too, consider me a follower, xoxo

  7. Haha! I just love this post! Can I tell you how much I loved that you posted about hipsters?? ;) Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog. I appreciate it!! xx